Alternative Medicine for Cyclists

Understand more about testing and monitoring to optimize performance, including measuring oxygen uptake and heart rate variability. Then see how exercise fits into a health lifestyle.  Also find out about nitric oxide to improve performance, especially in endurance sports.

"Mini Medical School for the Public" Series, University of California Television (UCTV)


The questions your practitioner should be asking


The answer to the root of your problem is not always as clear as one item or one field of study. Dr Brad Jacobs persuades us to look at all the aspects of our lives. The interview I think as an individual trying to seek care, it's really confusing.

Part of the Integrative Wisdom series

experience that changed my opinion about healthcare


Dr. Brad Jacobs reflects on the pivotal moments in his personal life which inspired him to push for awareness of integrative medicine. The interview There are some pivotal points in my life that have affected where I am today. As you reflect back on your life, you sort of look at the branch points.

Part of the Integrative Wisdom series


Why I was laughed at in medical school


There will always be naysayers in one's life. Dr. Brad Jacobs implores us to fight passed those people if we feel that something else can be done. The Interview There is not a single course that looked at lifestyle, self-care, or natural healing systems in my medical training -- and I went to a pretty good medical school.

Part of the Integrative Wisdom series

Dr. Brad Jacobs on Integrative Health (Podcast)


Slow Living Radio welcomes Dr. Brad Jacobs to talk about his integrated health approach and to offer insights on taking better care of ourselves.