Concierge Medicine

Our primary care practice is a concierge medical practice.

Nothing is more important than your health. The practice is designed for people who seek an ongoing relationship with a primary care clinician who is passionate to:

  • Know his or her clients rather than just their disease
  • Work collaboratively with his or her clients to individualize treatments and health goals to achieve optimal health
  • Create healthy lifestyles to increase longevity and quality of life


You can expect us to provide you with personalized and comprehensive care that prioritizes:

  • An integrative approach toward diagnosis and treatment that values you as an individual with a unique physiologic and genomic composition, life experience, and worldview.
  • Keeping you healthy as you age using the best of conventional and alternative medicine inclusive of cutting edge biomedical technologies, ancient healing traditions and lifestyle medicine.
  • Giving you practical tools to enhance your personal happiness, vitality, sleep quality, mental focus and resilience.  


To achieve this goal, we intentionally limit each clinician’s practice size to no more than 100 patients. This enables us to have the time and mental capacity to be thinking about your health on a regular basis, including when you are not in the same room with us.

Our unique approach of applying integrative and functional medicine to a limited number of patients allows us the necessary time and resources to develop a personalized relationship with each individual. In addition to providing exceptional high-quality medical care, the BlueWave Medicine team is able to collectively serve as your health manager, advocate, coach, and health system navigator. We provide truly individualized, team-based & holistic care in a proactive manner. We work closely with specialists to ensure you receive expedited and state-of-the-art diagnostic studies and treatment recommendations that are appropriate to your unique health concerns.

In short, we pride ourselves in serving as your personal physician and in so doing value you as a member of our extended family.


PRICING:  please call for details.