BlueWave Medicine provides a unique healthcare experience by skillfully combining the best of conventional medicine with exceptional alternative and lifestyle medicine practices. Using a team-based integrative medicine model, we provide concierge medicine primary care, second opinion physician consultations, acupuncture, bodywork and massage, psychotherapy, yoga, personal training, health coaching and more. We provide you a one-stop shop for your healthcare needs. We excel in providing personalized, multi-disciplinary, compassionate, and results-oriented care.





Our primary care practice is a concierge medical practice. Nothing is more important than your health. The practice is…

Integrative &
Functional Medicine

Using the full spectrum of our knowledge and skillset, we provide Integrative and Functional Medicine consultations to look at the root…


We offer Bioidentical Hormone Balancing for women in the perimenopausal state to help with hot flashes, energy, mental acuity and…

Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition & more

We embrace a host of complementary modalities to enhance health and well-being. We have a team of highly skilled…

Fitness & Body
Composition Testing

For those embarking on a weight-loss program or who want to increase their endurance, we provide resting metabolic rate and VO2 max testing…

Workshops &

BlueWave Medicine is excited to be offering a variety of Team Programs to help you reach specific, well-defined health goals. All members…




CEO and Executive Medical Director

Dr Brad is a recognized leader in Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, corporate health, and is an experienced physician, educator, and healthcare innovator. Dr Brad is Founder and Executive Medical Director of BlueWave Medicine with offices in the award-winning Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito and San Francisco. His practice is rooted in providing committed individuals comprehensive, personalized, and technology-enabled healthcare... more


Julia Isen RN MS FNP
Associate Clinical Professor, University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Julia is deeply committed to providing personalized and comprehensive care to her patients. With over 20 year of experience in primary care, women's health and bioidentical hormones, as well as integrative and holistic medicine, she recognizes that "good health" requires achieving emotional, psychological, physical and cognitive well-being in addition to optimal management of one's medical conditions. In alignment with this…more




Kelly Blaser LFMT

Yoga Instructor
Marriage & Family Therapist

Ewa Doctor

Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach

Darcie Ellyne MS RDN CDE IFNCP

Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator

Saul Tak

Acupuncture & Clinical Massage

Shirley Rombouts Taylor

Physical Therapy

Cliff Wong

Clinical Massage and Manual Therapy

Veronika Wojakowska

Personal Training

Kate Carlevato RD - Photo.jpg

Kate Carlevato




Debbie Coller

Practice Manager



We choose only highly-rated supplements made by companies with strict quality-control guidelines for their products. You may purchase these supplements in-person in any of our offices. BlueWave Medicine patients may also choose to buy recommended supplements online via our supplement store.


Recent research reveals that inflammation has a negative impact on general wellness and can worsen many common health conditions, including migraines, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disorders. The good news? Eating certain foods and avoiding others can be a highly effective way to diminish and manage inflammation. In The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook, professional cook and inflammation sufferer Amanda Haas joins forces with Dr. Bradly Jacobs to explain which foods are beneficial and why and to share 65 delicious, simple inflammation-busting recipes. Sometimes good food can be the best medicine.