Second Opinion Consultations

Our consultation practice is for people who seek second opinions on a specific health issue, and/or are seeking guidance on which services they should receive at BlueWave Medicine.

These consultations are designed for people who are currently receiving only a conventional or alternative medical perspective on their health issue. We recommend that you have an established primary care doctor or treating physician specialist prior to coming for a consultation.

Our team offers the unique ability to blend allopathic medicine with alternative and lifestyle treatment options. During these consultation visits, you will work with a physician who is competent in multiple health disciplines and can provide expertise through a broader lens.

The primary goal of this consultative service is to ensure proper diagnosis and identify the optimal range of conventional and alternative treatments appropriate for the individual, at that time, for a specific health issue. Depending on your issue and desire, we can create a treatment plan that includes services and resources available at BlueWave Medicine.


PRICING:  See Integrative & Functional Medicine and Bioidentical Hormones